Celebrating 15 Years: April 6, 2003 - April 6, 2018

O.D.B. (feat. Bekay, SoulTri, Devo & Paul Cho)

Ol Dirty Bastard

As an up-and-coming rapper, it probably made sense that Bekay would team up with fellow Brooklyn native and one of the true pioneers of hip-hop, the late Ol' Dirty Bastard a/k/a Dirt McGirt (R.I.P.) for a hit single. As the hip-hop world mourns the passing of O.D.B., the Wu-Tang Clan member and co-founder, fans can take some solace in one of the final recordings made by O.D.B., which keeps his spirit alive. Recorded late 2004, O.D.B.’s dynamic vocals are a huge part of the action on Bekay’s album “The Future Of Hip Hop Is Now,” with O.D.B. featured prominently on the stand-out track “Where Brooklyn At,” just one of the many hot tracks on the new disc recently released by The Sound of Brooklyn (TSOB) Records.


Get Ya Drink On photo TSOB Records released “Where Brooklyn At (remix);” from the 7G Album on August 11, 2018. Available now on CD Baby .


SoulTri (feat. Chaka Demus)

SoulTri SoulTri

Born and raised in New York City, SOULTRI is the latest music phenom coming “STRAIGHT-OUTTA-BROOKLYN,” New York.  Singers/Songwriters Ebony Jernigan, Sha-Na Smith and Shavon (Deajhi) Smith make-up the soulful R&B trio.

 Drawing on a wealth of influences from hip-hop, R&B and gospel, SoulTri creates songs that showcase their artistry as a group with straight-ahead harmonies that also highlight their individual vocal attributes. SoulTri sound is soulful with a pop, hip-hop twist. SoulTri has a unique vibe that takes it back to the old school and mixes it with the new.

With a sound reminiscent of classical girl-groups like EnVogue and The Mary Jane Girls cut with a hip-hop edge, SoulTri is reinventing the sound of urban music.


Album cover for The Studio Album TSOB Records released SoulTri’s single “Move to the Beat” featuring Chaka Demus from The Studio Album on August 11, 2018. Available now on CD Baby .



Singing from her soul and writing from the heart, DEAJHI (pronounced Déjà) is emotionally genuine, painfully honest and some might go as far as to characterize her as
New York’s Finest Diva.

Resonating with the stains and pains confronting contemporary women, this Brooklyn-bred performer says: “I have come to the conclusion that men do not have to change, women need to change, when women set the standard and hold firm to it, that’s when we will get a different result in our relationships.”



Album cover for So Sick TSOB Records released Deajhi’s “So Sick” single Album on August 11, 2018. Available now on CD Baby .


Etcetera (feat. Richie Stephens, Don Chibaka, Kevin Lyttle)


Etcetera, self acclaimed as the “Brooklyn Boy Wonder” is an artist that is a student of hip hop and feels that music is from the heart. In addition to Richie Stephens, the remix features Don Chibaka a/k/a Father Goose and Kevin Lyttle, who put an extra reggae spin on the already reggae original.

Richie Stephens has been a household name in Jamaica for over two decades, an honor afforded to only a few Jamaican Artistes. He quickly became one of the most sought after and versatile artistes of the decade, he would have his Jamaican Audiences rocking and dancing in the aisles.

Father Goose a/k/a Don Chibaka, is a Grammy award winner known as “The King of the Dance Party,” based on a journey of his musical life, with music, combined with homemade and some familiar Caribbean music that creates the perfect blend for a dance party.

 Kevin Lyttle’s first single “Turn Me On,” reached multi-platinum level, landing on several countries Billboard charts in 2004, and is still played on the radio, performed in concerts, at music festivals and in nightclubs globally. There’s a reason why they call Lyttle the “feel-good” man. His eclectic tracks can’t help but to make listeners feel warm as he brings with him the island life, with a touch of SOCA (calypso music with elements of soul) to the dance floor.



Dance Like That cover TSOB Records released Etcetera’s “Dance Like That (Remix)” single Album on August 11, 2018. Available now on CD Baby .


Etcetera (feat. Cocoa Sarai)

Etcetera on cover of Take U There

Written and produced by ETCETERA, who like LL Cool J can show his ladies’ man side with the best of them, as evidenced on track TAKE U THERE.” The song includes pick-up lines by the pound, caressed by a grown and sexy R&B arrangement. The single features memorable vocals from COCOA SARAI, the enigmatic and soulful Phenom who brings such melodic flavor. Cocoa is energy driven and packed with emotion, her music is multi-dimensional and she is the epitome of a true artist. Unlike many other artists who attempt to follow current trends, Cocoa Sarai is fearless and it is her ability to create with no boundaries that allows her music to have universal appeal.


Take U There CD cover TSOB Records released Etcetera’s remix single Album “Take U There” featuring Cocoa Sarai on August 11, 2018. Available now on CD Baby .




SANATRA, the “Remix-Video Kid” is Brooklyn born and bred. His skills as a Battle MC, crowd-pleaser and lyricist has given him a ‘Rap Sheet’ that includes XXL Magazine’s “King of the Rap Ring Champion” and three time champ of BET Freestyle Fridays.

Sanatra enjoys producing heat, spitting fire, blazing hot lyrics and burning MC’s with skills that perplex the mind of average Earthlings.



Get Ya Drink On photo TSOB Records released Sanatra’s single “Get Out da Way” from the 7G Album on August 11, 2018. Available now on CD Baby .


Ebony Jernigan

 Ebony Jernigan


EBONY JERNIGAN is the latest phenom coming straight-out-of-Brooklyn. Singing and performing since the age of 9, this classically trained young Diva continues to captivate audiences everywhere. Combined with her writing and arranging abilities, Ebony plans to re-invent the sound of urban music.

Ebony Jernigan was the creative force and lead singer of the former Pop/R&B female group, SoulTri that joined TSOB Records roster in 2003.


7G album cover TSOB Records released Ebony’s “Step up in the Club” single featuring Sanatra from the 7G Album on August 11, 2018. Available now on CDBaby 


LaWanda Michelle

LAWANDA MICHELLE is the new soulful voice emerging from the ranks of Brooklyn’s Finest Divas. Her deepest emotions shine through each song as if it were her only means of expression, painting a perfect picture with honesty. LaWanda lands on the music scene marking the world with her magic formula of success — a melodic voice cooing timeless tunes of life’s ups and downs. Her Album PUZZLE on TSOB Records Label is an emotionally genuine and painfully honest personal testament that is turning heads the way of this Brooklyn-bred artist. LaWanda's unique style can be noted as “Hip‑Hop in a Skirt R&B Twist.”


 Album cover for Puzzle

TSOB Records released LaWanda Michelle’s single "Brooklyn's Finest Diva" on August 11, 2018. Available now on her “Puzzle” Album on CD Baby .




JHETT-O-NASIS was raised in the harsh crime flooded Mott Haven section of the Bronx. Throughout the years they have demanded an astronomical amount of street credibility through reigning supreme in countless hip-hop battles as well as winning over many crowds with their highly charged performances. Jhett-O-Nasis won first place in the Music Notes Magazine Showcase at The Remote Lounge and earned a prize package consisting of a single record release with TSOB Records. After impressing the label’s owner with their incredible talents, Jhett-O-Nasis ultimately secured a recording deal with TSOB Records.


Get Ya Drink On photo TSOB Records released Jhett-O-Nasis’s single “Get Ya Drink On” from the 7G Album on August 11, 2018. Available now on CD Baby .


Cocoa Sarai

Cocoa Sarai in a yellow dress

COCOA SARAI is undeniably talented and will forever change
the way music is perceived. Her soulful delivery over today’s club driven style of production has given her a unique sound being referred to as “Pop-soul.” Cocoa colors outside the lines and pushes the envelope of creativity. As an amazing song- writer, Cocoa adds a new dynamic to an era where great
music is lost in meaning. 



TSOB Records released Cocoa Sarai’s “Can't get Enough (of me)” single featuring Jhett-O-Nasis from TSOB 7G Album on August 11, 2018. Available now on CD Baby .


Krista Cason

KRISTA CASON comes from a new breed of young talent, born and raised on the mean streets of Philadelphia. Krista infuses an undeniable melody; with a hip hop twist that she calls “Philly swag” something she has a whole lot of. A big voice in a little body, this 4 foot 11 inches 21 year old is already making a name for her self in the Philadelphia Tri-State area and hopes that soon her name will be known internationally.

Krista Cason


TSOB Records released Krista Cason’s “Crazy” single Album on August 11, 2018. Available now on CD Baby .


Blu Lyon

Blu Lyon

BLU LYON was born Austin Lyons Jr. of Trinidadian parentage and comes from a lineage of Well-known musicians like his father, Calypsonian Super Blue, and his sister, Soca artiste Fayann Lyons. He began to develop his writing skills by fusing rap with dancehall lingo.
Blu affectionately calls himself Super Blue's Bastard Son”


TSOB Records released Blu Lyon’s “Nuttin’ Like This” single Album on August 11, 2018. Available now on 
CD Baby .


Lutes Vegas

Lutes Vegas

Hip Hop new comer Lutes Vegas has been on a rampage in the tri-state independent music circuit this past year winning showcase after showcase and electrifying audiences everywhere he performs. His high energy performances have gotten him tons of attention.

Lutes has a refreshing sound he calls “The Vegas Way.”


TSOB Records released Lutes Vegas’ “Sippin’ on the Henny” single Album on August 11, 2018. Available now on CD Baby .


Rob Wadda

Rob Wadda

ROB WADDA’s alluring voice and multifaceted style brings you in to listen to tales of everything from his actual life to world events and culture, creating a musical smorgasbord of creativity.

Though his craft is musical his blue-collar work ethic and sincere message delivers his brand of hip-hop to all those that will listen. Rob Wadda has built this worker like mentality with dedication to 100-hour workweeks. His grind is just trying to be honest to people to whom he feels that all their lives they have been "lied to." All of this and more make Dwayne Thomas aka Bobby “Wadda" Drake the perfect spokesperson to a new direction, while adding to the ever-growing popularity of southern hip-hop.


TSOB Records released Rob Wadda’s “Let it Go” single Album on August 11, 2018. Available now on CD Baby .


Line for Line

Line For Line

Hip Hop team LINE FOR LINE won DJ Ace of Spades’ Showcase hosted by Indie Label TSOB Records and will have a single deal distributed worldwide through TSOB Records/UMG. This win comes on the heels of Line For Line show stopping performance at the kick off of Hip Hop Appreciation week hosted in New Jersey by Shades Radio.


TSOB Records released Line For Line’s “Foolish” single Album on August 11, 2018. Available now on  CD Baby .



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