Get Out The Way Sanatra (E)


JOSEPH JEFFRIES-EL (Jo-EL) is a native and life-long resident of Brooklyn, New York with more than thirty (30) years of business, civic and community service. Jo-EL has experienced professional success as a real estate developer, sports agent, music and entertainment manager and promoter, audio engineer, electronic music producer, and he fully recognizes the scope of possibilities within the recording industry.

Jo-EL is a Member of The Recording Academy (GRAMMYS) since 2008 and a graduate of the prestigious Institute of Audio Research (IAR) in New York City, the recording capitol of the world. At IAR he mastered in-depth technical knowledge and hands-on skills of audio recording and production. Jo-EL is versed in the business of music as well as computer-centered digital audio and its applications in music production, editing, mixing, and musical instrument digital interface.

Upon graduation from IAR, Jo-EL founded The Sound of Brooklyn (TSOB) Records in East New York, Brooklyn USA, an independent record label and state-of-the-art recording studio as a medium to transform the urban youth culture by producing quality music with a global reach. Jo-EL asserts, “Young people are entrenched in the world of music and entertainment, sports and social media; Hip-Hop/Rap is the culture of America’s urban youth; Hip-Hop/Rap has become more than a music genre; it is a culture embraced by youth worldwide; it is their way of dressing, speaking, and behaving.”


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