Young people are entrenched in the world of music and entertainment, sports, fashion and social media; Hip-Hop is the culture of America’s urban youth; Hip-Hop has become more than just a music genre; it is a culture embraced by youth worldwide; it is their way of thinking, dressing, speaking, and behaving.

BROOKLYN RISING is to inspire and celebrate young women of Brooklyn and expresses solidarity with OBR Youth Risings artistic expressions—poetry, dances, double-dutch, songs, theatre, spoken word, and music created by young people from all over the world. 

The One Billion Rising (OBR) Youth Revolution is an artistic political movement onto itself—determined and led by young women—outspoken, courageous, unafraid, political, creative, tech savvy, current and forward thinking, bringing an exciting layer of One Billion Rising boldly into the future. 

In the last six years of One Billion Rising, youth from all over the world—rose in the streets, in schools, in communities, on stages, creating some of the most creative and radical artistic risings, including a huge escalating creative resistance presence on social media—utilized for outreach, mobilization and engagement. For OBR 2018, the energy continuing to emerge from the youth sector is bold, inspired and audacious. 

OBR 2018 also saw the creative disruptive rebellion of youth as they expressed, with the fearless and fiercest persistence and incredible bravery, their vision for their future – a future where girls can thrive, have choices and fulfill all their aspirations to the full. We saw a self-organized outpouring of artistic expressions – poetry, dances, songs, theatre, spoken word, music – created by young people all over the world as they rose to demand revolutionary changes within their cultures and societies, and their right to grow up free of violence. 

We encourage all Brooklyn young women to join us and “Break the Chain”
Break the Chain and DANCE for Revolution!